Saturday, July 11, 2009

(UN)Folding Zagreb Days

Day One:

1.     *theme of folding—warm up on floor (folding wrist in and arm up). Folding side to side, legs crossed.  Full body fold side to side (first just to side and then up to fetal). 

2.     walking in room.  Near/far game.  Circle game: (names=names, city you identify with, a concept you are working on now)

3.     Transition: walking on own to the main square in silence, but also looking to take on/embody/empathize with other bodies in the space. 

4.     working in the main square of the city.  Working with a partner (one witness and one in action). Working with *flows, lines, trajectories.  For 25 minutes.  Witness follows and takes care for the one doing the action.  Then switch.

5.     Mapping the space—one by one, but as a group, we accumulate a map/movement across the square based on one action that you witnessed from your partner.  A kind of overlapping gesture.

Day Two:

1.     warm up.  Hanging over, folding, weight onto hands, slowly roll up

2.     walking improvs, bridging across space, practicing things for going outside

(rained out). Flocking—of birds/school of fish—the collective


theoretical discussion on William James—pure experience.  States of consciousness (internal and external).  Human and non-human.  performative aspects of becoming.  Aesthetic events and processes.  Milleau of possibility.  Nature-culture hybrids.  Focus events.  The dance of agency.  Notion of practice=research-creation.  Practices entangled in the performative.  Agency of matter.  A real-time action or doing.  (Karen Bond=intra-action, becoming, matter is not a thing but a practice).  the dance of agency.  The logic of the in-between. The beginning of relation/being.  Body’s potential as mediation.  “Expression in an event”/”expression” in place of “performance”.

Day Three:

1. no studio work—directly outside (working in old town behind square—a pathway—crossed through parliament/govmnt square)

1.     Transition: walking in single file line

2.     moving through space. working as a collective—to individual over arching theme of the body lands in the city moving and finishing with the city lands in the body. Or the presence of the body and the presence of the city.


Actions (set of four):


a.     lining up against wall, one body passes and the line shifts to other side, after three times, one at a time leave and take a position on the stairs. One leave, all go to move up second stairs in a different way.

b.     Along path make bridges (and walls)—connect two points most clear when points were apparent, and not always in close physical proximity.Then when reach end, move into indiv (with awareness of group) and “cross borders and fences” 

c.     In parliament square, stand still for 5 minutes in site—but work along the border (where people are already occupying the space) 

d.     Move on your own pace back down to the main square (half pedestrian only area) with earlplugs in...